José René Martinez, J.René Coffee Roasters

As a content writer and communications liaison for J.Rene Coffee Roasters, Anne quickly took on the challenge to write about an industry that many claim to know, but few truly understand. Anne’s contribution to the coffee industry began by acknowledging her need to immerse herself in the coffee culture before she could accurately write about it. To that end, Anne devoted hours each week cupping specialty grade coffee from all over the world, interviewing importers, roasters, coffee shop owners, baristas, and most importantly, customers. She also became a barista, which enabled her to understand the significance of coffee from both sides of the counter.

Anne’s hard work made her an indispensable contributor to our marketing communications by writing press releases for targeted media and developed product messaging and marketing materials that attracted an audience eager to learn about coffee and its social impact. She also managed our social media, including our Facebook and Instagram accounts. In this capacity, Anne was our social media presence online. She responded to customer needs and built an ongoing business relationship with them.

Anne also took on the challenge to co-develop a strong brand message for our VICTUS coffee product line. The brand’s social media presence grew more than 200% and our coffee subscription program, which was virtually non-existent, became a significant added revenue stream for our company.

I highly recommend Anne for anyone seeking similar services in the coffee industry. For anyone who knows me and the work I have done for this industry for almost 14 years, knows this recommendation was truly earned.

Ashley Cardwell, Tripster

Anne is a savvy, smart and skilled writer with the initiative and drive to tackle any project you send her way. She is an independent self-starter who is always willing to learn and do more than required all while being a team player.

Her dedication to excellent writing is enhanced by a diligent marketing prowess. She excels at creating compelling long form copy as well as short form. In addition, she has a strong grasp of brand voice and tone and can easily adapt as needed.

Anne is also a talented social media marketer whose copy drives engagement.

I strongly recommend Anne for any of your copy or marketing needs.

Jason Gries, BiteTime LLC

Anne is a joy to work with. She is professional, diligent and eager to jump right in to make action happen. Anne has done a great job helping us create content, such as blog posts, ads, articles, emails and much more. She is skilled at distributing the content across various social media networks. I recommend Anne and her services for any company creating or executing their digital marketing strategy.

Lauren Linton, ELD Solutions

Anne Mercer is the go-to expert for anything content related. She is organized and efficient and the first person to offer to help with a new project. Her dedication to providing quality work to clients is matched by her passion for writing and coming up with new ideas. I would recommend Anne to any organization or individual looking for someone to provide excellent content and/or marketing strategies. She has a great attitude and adapts well to any given situation.

Kathy Walsh, KnockKnock Social

Anne Mercer is a joy to work with. Once I give her a project I know it will be done with great care and always earlier than expected. Her writing skills are impeccable. I love that she always thinks everything through and has real marketing skills.

Gerry Fitzgerald, Professor, Western New England University

Anne is a quiet reservoir of creativity and advertising ideas. She is industrious, dependable and confident, and will be successful in any area of marketing she chooses to concentrate on.

Scott Greene, Envision Marketing Group and Reminder Publications

Anne Mercer brings excellent writing skills to the job, which is vital in the SEO and web content generating work we do. Her proficiency in several social media platforms is a plus, and she always maintained the utmost level of professionalism in client communication.

Adam Faraglli, Titan Web Marketing Solutions

Titan Web Marketing is lucky to have had someone as talented as Anne be a part of the team! She is bright, personable and can be counted on to execute any challenge. Above all, Anne Mercer is great to work with. She brings a positive attitude and desire to do the best work possible, and she always has coffee available! Highly recommend getting in touch and learning more about how she can help you.